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The initial process starts with a consultation. As a client, you want to trust your artist, nothing would establish this connection better than a 1 on 1 personal discussion. Also, it helps me as an artist to get a better idea of what style would suit me better after I have a conversation with you. Generally, it’s a 10-15 minute meeting where we talk over your ideas, size, and placement. We are all unique; therefore I’m trying to give each client an exclusive tattoo. Commonly I’m creating my designs and attempting not to copy other tattoos unless that was a specific request.

My Process

Matt Spivak the owner of Mud True Art, A tattoo shop in Buffalo NY

Hello everyone! My name is Matvey Spivak (you can call me Matt). I was born and raised in the Republic of Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 city Almaty. I’ve been passionate about art as long as I remember myself. Tattoos are main but not the only one expression of my artistry. My journey started from an airbrush trial lesson after which I fell in love with it. It was a quick 7 day course, however it opened a new world for me. After that I decided to save some money and leave my routine job in order to follow my dream. At some point I was finishing one of my paintings when my airbrush teacher asked me - "how do you feel about tattoos?". Soon after I found my first mentor and it’s been 5 years since I keep mastering this craft. During this time I’ve had the opportunity to meet a few world class tattoo artists and was able to get some secrets of the industry. I’m constantly taking new classes in different art fields to continue opening new horizons not only for me but also for my clients.


I'm skilled in a wide range of tattoo styles to suit different tastes, but I want to highlight my main areas of expertise. Firstly, I'm really good at Black and Grey Realism tattoos, which means I can create lifelike and detailed designs, like portraits, nature themes, or custom ideas, all in stunning black and grey. I'm also great at Color Tattoos, where I use vibrant colors to make eye-catching designs, whether they're bold and vivid or more subtle and detailed. Lastly, I specialize in Fine Line Tattoos, which involve intricate, delicate designs that need careful precision. While I can do various styles, these three are where I really shine, and I'm dedicated to delivering top-notch artistry in each one.

My Specialties

an artist at  Mud True Art working on a tattoo, A tattoo shop in Buffalo NY


Tattoo Supplies


With the wife out of town this weekend, I got the sudden urge for some fresh ink.  Called some shops I have used, and several I have not, to no avail.  last minute, I know. Drove around Sunday, about to call it quits, when I find a shop on Hertle that is open.  Walk in, young man had a no show. Sat with me, worked on some ideas, and in 30 mins had a beautiful piece ready to go. 3.5 hours later, and I am out, with a great no piece.  Sometimes things happen for a reason. - Jason dragoo 


Mathew Mud Spivak I havent had a better tattoo artist since I've had my work done by him.  Always tell people if you ever have the chance too, see if you can get tatted by the boy. - Nicholas Arroyo


My Family has been coming here for years, and the never disappoint. Mathew just finished this tonight, Just love it and can't for my next one. - Kera twarog


Got my stick n poked covered by Matt and he did a really beautiful job. very clean and an overall great place:) - Lindsay Naab 


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